Sunday, 17 November 2013

what-would-i-say! This app is piece of ice cream!

There is a new app on the Internet! Oh God Damn!
Well there was a delay since the last mega-crap app was launched on the Internet ( Vine app ) and that waiting is over. We have a brand new uncreative program for you. So here it is...

What would I say

and it looks something like this

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Hannibal Lector season 2?

Hannibal season 2

So when does Hannibal Lector season 2 starting?
I guess that hardcore fans already know the date but of all others must know that starts 14. aprl. 2014.

David Bowie as Hannibal Lecter’s Uncle

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


It is official 10th December 2013 is final date release of soo long awaiting game from South Park.

.. and just to make you ppls sure for that you can see the official note on southpark website.
This note was posted today 25 September and I was like the first one to read this. For all you Hardcore southparkers go fast and order Limited collectors’ edition. 
Some quotes from website...

About South Park: The Stick of TruthArm yourself with weapons of legend to defeat underpants gnomes, hippies and other forces of evil. Discover the lost Stick of Truth and earn your place at the side of Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny as their new friend. Succeed, and you shall be South Park’s savior, cementing your social status in South Park Elementary. Fail, and you will forever be known… as a loser.
Btw if you order that collection package you will get this:

The Grand Wizard Edition includes:
South Park: The Stick of Truth Game
The full game on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or PC.
Grand Wizard Kidrobot® Cartman Figure 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

600 reasons why Polaks Sucks in League of Legends

Ive played like 10 games in a raw in ranked.. and since I commited four horrible sins in my life.. God wanted to punish me soo hard.. that he put like 10of 10 games. a one or two Polaks in my team. The worst of all.. most of them were in my same line.

That riot. Sometimes i hate them so much
"How many polaks do take to ruin the whole game in LoL?
One. And he is afk."

"Why do polaks buying only health potions at the beggining of the match?
They dont have money for something more. They are poor."

"Please dont be a polak." - anonymus

When playing solotop.. what hero does polak chose to play with?
The only one who looks like him. A Wukong.

IMPORTANT!  How to recognize if there is polak in your team?
You see alot of stupid names in the game. Players using names with ages like:

Josh2445. IdiotmanYe. Simba1995. TarzanMakingOutWithPanda. and so on. On the other thought these can some creative names. When you get them in the team you are safe. BUT...  when you get names that contains letters: W Z Y.. you are fcked. So hard.

Wzneckkyyy.. znwgakkawazy.. wizzsfnjetzky...

Sometimes they add just PL in the back of the names. idiotmanPL. loserPL. dicksuckerPL. suckingcumfor30bucksPL.

typical polak logic

Do polaks speak other language then polish?
No. Why? Becouse they suck so hard that they have to go afk to ruin the game.

Do polak alarm ss?
No. He doesnt know how to type ss on stupid polish language.

When polak jungler is actualy making gank?
Never. He dies in the fights against wolfs.

Polaks in their chat form:

just alarm at the begining 



Final coments:

Damn you Hitler. You`ve had only one job. Look what have you done.

You could end this easy. Biochemical weapon on their main cities.. and gg. You could fix this faktards on lol, we could play it like a PRO.

Interaction time! Question for this topic is... When can polak win the game? Leave response in the comments. Stay safe and leave when you see polak in matching query.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Can Vlogers survive on

This website is not created for vlogers, anyone can tell that. All that template, streached video screen when video is playing, all that suggests that this is place for a one video contest.

But, since their website is making progress in evolution, it will become what people need. 

a) It addapts to any peoples desires, and passions.
people may suggest to their admins to open something new, like some special options on the chanell. power of many, change everything

b) Will make place for everyone to express them selfs
they sure will make profit this or that way, so in order to stay popular and visited, they will shape it for the needs of people

How do I know I will succssed on Vube?

So if they you have passion for Vloging you go ahead and start doing it.

1) If you didnt succsseded on YouTube, you might here.
its like youtube reseted, and you have motivation for your creativity. Realy, you can become a mascot for this new space for videos.

2) If you had something, some videos on youtube you can again upload here, and also you can aloso make redirection links on YouTube. Will increse your visiting on both of your accounts. Will increese chanse to become famous Video Bloger.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Thinking about: Serbian X-factor show

First at all, let's see what is X-Factor

Are we looking for talents?

Ok, as far as I know about that show is that that isn't competition for best singer, but for most charismatic person. They need a mascot, someone who's gonna be liked by masses, someone who will lead a sect to tell other people what to like, what to wear, how to look like...
Let's see some examples, creations from British X-Factor:
Belibers from Justin. Most people look like him, dresses even speaks like him.
One Direction, same thing. Directioners, since they are same as Justin, makes sence to product more thislike assdumbs. Even more profit for corporations.

Benefits / potential for winning?
sect at its finest

Sad past is good.
1) no one loved you
2) played 4 chords on the streets, to earn some money to feed your mother, because your father is dead or something... Who cares.
3) oh ye, believe in God, Jesus is your saviour. You would like to funk with him how much you love him. Why is this nessesary? Because most of people are dumb patriots, target any God who is worshiped by that idiotic mass. (case in Serbia is orthodox)
4) you don't need to sing well, autotune will fix that.
5) now Im full of JOY JOY JOY

X-Factor is reaching for who?

The most vulnerable demographic structure. The girls (0-16). Why? they need to be trendy in order to be
acceptable in their society. They will shop anything just to be IN. They don't need to be spoiled to do that, even with a girl who has parents with average-salary income will do the same. They will buy her what her wants because they don't want to her daughter to be an outcast.It'ss the same thing with a boys. For them they just want to be acceptablei n the eyes of society. Kids know dikk.

One Direction on Serbian X Factor!?

You need to see what your model looks like, You need to become like one of them, probably sing some songs with them and record songs... with them. Oh my god, you will become a STAR. That is good news dont you think?

Why "World trend" but not "National one"? 

Becouse Great Britany/USA music, actualy trend is coming here in Serbia. Why?

We are people who doesn't have nacional ID, Turks did a great job, a great part in all of these, culture aspects and actualy curpsare still looking for indetity, in these case we are looking and using any types of cultural we are degustating we want everything becouse we have nothing.
Serrbia actualy doesn't alow to there autors (Serbian autors) to be seen, heard on TV - radio. There are a stations that alows for those performers-singers to be heard, but accompanied very low by other media stations.
Basicly these TV programs are 10% boatcasting these "good quality" music, opposite to 90% quantity music programs. Anything is good in there. Right? If on our National or Regional TV stations will realisse at least 70%   from termins provided for music, to be our performers thet would be "a trend" or some kind of enlightment... Who knows?!
But thet would be just a try, maybe a fail, not garanteed profit, they don't want thet. THEY NEED MONEY. So they are rely on garanteed money making buisness. American profitable way. 
Competitors knows thet they have strategy, they will follow the rules, they will become a star.
Congratulations, you have become an idiot.

Finaly,X-Factor In Serbia 
Ill make profiles of judges so you can see the point.


Real name: Severina Vučković

Profession: Croatian pornn star, milf
Hi, my name is Severina and im gona be a judge in Serbian x factor
Interests: singing
Structure of songs: clubs,I'm wet, let's make love. Often uses easy-to-remember phrases like: Alert, with techno-style.
Who listens her: girls on puberty period, retarded males.

Commentar: She will be judge for this? Yo Milf, PORNSTAR isnt spelled X FACTOR.

to be continued

Monday, 17 June 2013

When is my topic gonna succeed on internet?

You created a blog topic and now you wonder when its gonna blast whole over the internet, people sharing, commenting, likes them and you create profit from ads. Well, it dont depends on you.

It must be a " natural selection " just like a human DNA.
It waits to blast. Your only concern is to make a clever topic, topic that will be needed in future. DNA is building over time so when someone gives a comment about your topic and its intentioned you rewrite your post and build more informations in it. Just like DNA.

Lets start like this. Basicly it has no rules. It might depends on world trend (whats world currently about ) example.. faggy pop music.. WW3... maybe some creative ideas for many stuff in technology/devolopment, medical topics, and some useless shitt that no one will care about. Absolutly has no rules.

My story of getting +200 on one day

1. I created article for my class. Carl Marx - Communism stuff
2. It was short, succinctly, and had nice pictures.
3. I posted that blog-post on facebook group that is dedicated to sociology.
4. Lots of them checked that post and they liked it. So they spreaded the link to others who doesnt have a facebook account. It was real blast of views.
5. They returned next day.. and the next.. everyday to exem date. Even then.. the ones who didnt passed they keep comming to learn all over again until they learned it well.
6. I rewrited that post hmmm... 20 times in one week. From comments of my colleagues my blog post becomed enriched .  It spreaded so nice that im getting about 1800+ pageviews on that blog-post per day on that post. Its nice. 

TIP TIP: Try to be a first one to blogpost about something new that happened. 
TIP TIP: Write it to be a good quality. It may take a while, a day or a week. 

Some other ideas for world thrend events. 

I looked up what my sister is searching on internet. She is teenager and she follows that trends. So what did she searched? A makeup of Lana Del Ray.

Lana launched her new album and she is all-over the Internet, girls wants to look like her or to sing like her, what ever. So what you need to do?
Create a tutorial " How to sing like Lana Del Ray ", or " Makeup Lana Del Ray ". She is singer and fashion model, perfect for tutorials and blog-topic i told you.

New song from Iron maden? Be one of first ones that will critisize them... or better.. how to play *song name.

They launched new interesting website that everyones using? So make profit out of it. Make some tutorials or a good review. Post that blog-post on related blogs *in this case a technology blogs.. or forums.. whatever. You get the point.

Another usefull website that tells you whats IN sure is Google Trends. Check it out.

Write about whats currently about, critisize them, stipt on them, make your creative side of love or hate spreads on the post. Then you can share it.

Also can be passion post that can be launched into sky.

will continue.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Flat as plank? What can be done?

Man loves big things. He is not interested into some little things hanging in your neck,  nor rings, nor hairpin. They love big things. Thats why those thing he is interested in be enlarged five times that they actualy are. Thats where we have huge cars, plasma screen in living room, iPad... Thats the same with boobs. Boobs are things that makes man happy since when he is born. Its the first thing he will put into mouth, that urge will follow till he dies ( or becomes gay ). Since man loves big things... and boobs... we are comming to conclusion that MAN LOVES HUGE BREASTS.

nice personality there..

Poor flat girls are asking a question " why dont we have those ? ". A Boobbly fairy just answers " I ren out of boob dust ". Then she leaves. Whole life spends in hope that they will eventualy grow up. As a 12yr old youre sayn " they will grow up in high school ". As 18yr " they will grow up in college ". 25yr. " will grow up when I get pregnant ". But they never grow up. Mother nature can be cruel sometimes. So, to defend their non-boobsilicys , they formed four kinds of thinking facts (that are so damn wrong).

1. Girls with big boobs are dumb -   Wrong. Intellect is not important here. Everyone loves to see a girl with a big boobs. She is aware of that, thats why she dont need to strain much so she can get what ever she wants.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Some reasons why Im embittered

Getting up in the morning. Rain in June. Desperately. You are reading the text of your lover girl: " Honey, I do understand that you dont have money for my Dolche Gabanna shoes, that you have to feed all that people in your house, and thats totaly fine. But sweety, ..* da se zavrsi. bye". Damn. You are going to work when you hear that your salary is late again so you cant payback to Ritchy Bannana, and your ticket Liverpool - Chelsea is not getting well. Bummer twice.

Why is this happening only to me? Bitterness is a holy emotion. If you dont feel it at least once a day, you are a freak!

Level I – home frustrations

1. Becouse I have cousin four years younger then me who fuked before me.

2. Your woman wont cook and wash and when you have to cary a 300ibs dishwasher to the other room or house she sais " Do it. You are a man here. Its your job. "

3. Becouse I found out that my girl is showing her boobyes to ChatRullete.

4. Becouse my mom doesnt let me to go to work if i dont clean my plate.

5. Im lying my mother that I use drugs, not to think that Im just ugly.

6. I live with 5 persons and no one is fuckable.

7. Couse I inherited hair from dad, patience from my mom, and teeth from my granddad.

8. Couse my dad has Viber on phone and me polyphonic melody.

500k USD per match.. must be fun to watch

Level II – broken dreams 

1. I work in bank. Counter

2. No one undersands my love in cello.

3. On Internet im God, irl im skank.

4. I was gifted football player, but drinks, clubs, womans  took my brain away. Now im watching this Abubakar guy and sayn " you are better then this black dude "

5. Last 10 statuses on Facebook, no likes. Im in worst series then Jason Kid on basketball.

6. Couse my IPad doesnt fit in my jean pockets.

7. Im drinking since my 13th still dont know how to open a bottle with a ligther.

Level III – womans

1. Couse my girlfriend has a boyfriend.

2. My gf is older then my car. Im driving opel kadet.

3. Im not attractive to younger girls couse im ugly.. and to older ones couse Im poor.

4. " You are my second one " - story of my life.

5. I was jerking off to that australian model.. then i found out that she is Andrej Pejić.

6. When girls are inviting me on coffie.. we have coffie.

7. I entered in friendzone with the ugliest girl in town.

Social stuff: First day in school?

So its your first day in school, high school, colage what ever... who cares. Basicly there are few tips presented by psychologists on how to get there and make it the most wonderful day in that week. Mehh.. Having sex can make your day wonderful. School day cant.. that much.
So lets get to the buisniss shall we?

Night before.. take a 1.good shower. Use products to cover your nasty smell. Wash your hair, ears, ass ( you can get raped, you dont know that.. ). Make that feel that you are beautiful outside and that way we are step closer to feel great inside.

zzz means sleep
Take a 2.good nap! Too good nap. You need REM sleep to feel rested and prepared for socialization. Your body will induce a good energy to the others and they will feel that. This is important condition for making a good impression to others ( will explain bit later ).
Ye.. if you are dreaming something nasty that night dont be discouraged. Your body is preparing you for possible failure that day.. simply it brings balans to your good/bad feelings that you will face that day. Also.. bad dreams can be caused by anxiety and stress that you have.

Morning and/or beforeschool activity

Its a new day. important one

Wake up. Grab a brush and put a little make up. Again, make your body and face clean.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Useless blogs? Are they exist?

Well are they exist? Is it possible that someone is writting something so damn random.. useless.. and pointless.. And if that exist where are they?

They are hard to find becouse Google dont like them eather.. He spits on them and putting them in the quarantine preparing to burn them to the ground. Its hard to find them but they take like 90 from 100% mbs on servers. especialy on blogger.
Im sure that you already know how much i hate some peoples decisions and some actions they make, but someone to be that much stupid and idiot and worthless piece of junk.. Ohhh.. wait to calm down. On this famous i`ve seen (just screwing with next blog button ) over a hundred that kind of blogs.

Greatest mistake is clicking on next blog button

How to make that unuseful blog that no one will find interesting to read?

what it realy is
  1. You can bang your head on your keyboard 1500 times to make a good lines on your blog.
  2. You can write about your family ( your personal life, your children... )
  3. (this one is relevent to the one above) Post pictures that incudes your pet, your self even you are ugly as fak!
  4. Dont have a Niche articles.. just write what ever you saw today.. example. Dogs chasing their tail, cats licking their buts, bus stoped 2 times on one semaphore... etx...
  5. And most important. Dont be original. Just be like everyone else that is trying to copy someone just to earn some money. 
  6. Make website theme look like vomit, use flash, gif animations and ignore any color exept baby blue, pink, black.
 This are dangerous times DONT POST YOUR PRIVATE STUFF ONLINE YOU DUMB FAKS! You are becoming very easy target! And if you want that so much then use some metaphore to cover your persona or personas of your friends and family.
Ok I understand that you are a parent and you are the happiest guy in the world but did you know that you are now focusing on your children and paretal DNA is lowering you IQ by 100 points. Now you are dumb as fak.. go feed your children.. and die. But DONT POST DUMB BLOG POSTS ONLINE!!! 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

So you decided to steal blog content?

How to do this?

First at all.. you son of a branch. You are realy that increative that you just cant think an original way to do some stuff on the internet. Damn.. this is place full of dumbfaks thats writting anything and getting profit out of it.

But since you are retard and you want to steal out from other peoples blogs make sure you do it like a pro. So no one will call you " idiot. cunttbag, deepfak, shidhead ". No one exept me. I know the truth.

Is this right? 
just random blog related picture
Well sure thing it is. This is Internet, you dont have to follow the moral of your society in here. Its free for all place. Oh btw.. you are still a idiot.

“We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” – Steve Jobs
  You probably all jerck off on this dead man and hoping that with this act you can make milions via adsense. Why not.. well definitely not milions but enough to feed your fat asss.

Tips when stealing things 

  • You chose a website that contains a good explanations and have pictures and all of that. So you dont need to work, you lazy mofo.
  • Do not copy exactly as it is written. There are alot of "copy-busting-detecting" websites that scanes a content that is written in original blog. 
  • Google wont like that you copied. The priority have the original blog ( the blog that has that content published before you did )
  • Chose a website that is not listed in a top pages. Chose some that is on the pages ...7...8...9...10...  
  • Oh.. this is the safest one. Read through article and eat, chew, barf it out. It dont need to be exacly as it is written out there.

Theyrs point of view

  • While I’m happy that you want to steal my content I would greatly appreciate a blurb about this site with a link back to the original content.
  • It’s not a requirement. If you don’t want to give me credit, no worries.
  • No need to e-mail me to ask if you can steal this blog. Just do it.
  • You can e-mail me to let me know you’re stealing it if you want, but it’s not necessary.
Well, no one will ever notice! Like theres one website on a whole world. Think like this. They didnt have luck, I am, I will make this internet a better place for us all! Muwahahaha
All is fair in love and war.. (and making money) so go and be brave, and may blogger dont catch you. 

I forgot one more thing... you still are an idiot!

    What tha..? SubLimInal Manipulation of YOUR MIND

    The more you barp, the less you fart.

    But thats not the topic now... Today we will see how you so easily obey the big corps, in fact how  you receive and respond to information and instructions without being aware of it.

    Thats quite impressive, dont deny it.

    The basics of subliminal messages 

    Messages in the form of printed words, pictures or voices presented either very rapidly or very obscurely bypass your conscious awareness.

    Billy: Can we see them?
    Me: No Billy, you idiot, you cant see them. They appear so quiclky, your consciousness dont register them. But your
    subconsciousness is keeping them deep inside your brain. Anything you see in your life is kept inside your brain. Everything.

    Billy: So, can i make some resistance to those messages? 
    Me: Sure you CAN NOT. Anything that is programmed subliminaly inside your brain meets no resistance.


    Me: Say Billy, did you watched that Simpsons episode where Bart joins the boy band?
    Billy: I sure am sir. I especialy liked that part where...
    Me: Shut it! In that one scene where chicks are singing that song on "Arabic" language saying
    "yvan eht nioj"
     Your counsciousness bypass that thinking just Oh whata catchy song. Even start singing with them. But your subcounsciousness scans that word and it gets a word with a sense. It flips the words and you get " Join The Navy "
    And as a result of that Oto joins the navy singing that song out laud.
    Billy: ohhh I get it. It is a powerfull thing.


    Tuesday, 4 June 2013

    How can this be usefull? Google Glass porn app - visit to see what is this all about

    WHY THE FAK does anyone want to watch a fkin porn in public?? I assume that you wear glasses outside and if you watch porn inside your room you will be watching on a FKIN PLASMA SCREEN! So. why this weird app comes so suddenly?

    this symbolizes Porns on Glasses

    Google specifically kicks out any "porn related" searches but there it comes. Just from nowhere it comes with special Glasses ! that costs somewhere about 1.5oo$ in USA.

    soo damn claver
    Ye right. Actualy this can be usefull. Have u ever watched that movie where some guy wears nothing but coat and
    all of a sudden he reveals his little shame in front of you. But sometimes there is a problem. his penis is not phallus (erected penis) so. Google thinks about you sociopaths too.. he created this wonderfull app just and just for you  so no longer you can be

    Alrigthy then.. lets damn see what are the pros and cons of this master app

    Pros: You spend 1.5oo$ ( if you dont have glasses ) to buy them. You dont get lenses couse those are for wimps. You get boner anytime anywhere ( chick magnet ) golden for sociopaths.

    Cons: Getting cold-blooded to kill someone for 1.5oo$

    How could this be usefull? Vine app

    vine logo
    Another useless project created by humans for "humans". It is a app for Android OS and it basicly creates videos of 6 second AND NOTHING MORE! Soooo damn creative * NOT
    It can be shared within Twitter accout and not with Facebook. A great disapoitment isnt it?

    Since it embeds with Twitter we all know what kind of people have and uses Twitter. yep they are teenagers that loves their friends and full of "nothingtosay" messages to share. hipsters wannabe.

    Pros :  Express creativity

    Cons : (reality) bunch of idiots making hugs. showing messages on paper near them . just taking the MBs on HD

    Lets see some comments people posted about Vine:

    Vine is only as stupid, pointless, and uncreative as the people you follow are. Maybe you should rethink your friends.

    I haven't used Vine and don't plan to any time soon. However, I'll say this; you probably don't get it mostly because the users still don't get it. They're like "WTF do I do with this?". All new services are like that. Give is some time (some) people might start using it in an intresting way. You know, kinda like how Youtube in its early days was just a bunch of shitty home videos and now it's an indispensible part of our lives.
    Not that I'm holding my breath regarding Viber.

    Thinking about:

    First at all.. is a video-container that wants to be a competitor to youtube and recently started a ads campain on some websites... it pops the shit right in front of u in a new window! Thats anoying. on almost every crappy website i go it opens a new window and hear me sayin " this must be vube "
    It's not that bad, to be a competitor with YouTube, requires a legit web design and something to offer to visitors. Money has that power, and so shall it be.

    Can it become something big and inovative?

    Comparing to main thing on internet YouTube, hardly.. but it has some features that are interesting and has Motivational purpose. They reward you for being active and likable person on internet. You  collect money. Diference here is that you dont need a Adsense account to make benefit out of it, you just need likes. most likes gets a price.. monthly.

     Pros: It gives you a reward for most liked video of the month from 50$ to$ for a first place. Also it popularizes your video content (what ever u make). 

    You can see their ads apearing everytime on the header of the website *exept mob version., but they will fix that i suppose.

    look how it tames you, look quick

    How did he become so sucessful?

    list of websites that had popup ads to vube
    I think you know the answer. Same thing that hooked you. PopUp ads on many visited websites.
    And is it growing? Hell yea!
    according to alexa site

    Views of bots? That is the question

    You probably noticed, if you freqvent visitor of this website, that almost every video has 500 views arvage.
    I've seen videos that are reaching about to 100.000 views and videos are barely 4 months old. Some of these are just handmade boring videos, some are PRO made video spots for their songs. But barely some like on those videos. Tipicly, you will get some likes on 300000 views, at least 3000 .. IMPOSIBLE that no one likes them!
    Reasons for all of these could be that:

    1. they can show how visited your website is
    2. so they can motivate "autors" to create and upload more videos on their host ( and now that they are popular with all these 300.000 views ) have motivation to make more and more.
    3. Autors will send links to their friends just to like them, to win the CONEST.
    4. Attract more visitors and interests to website, becouse HOW TO MAKE MONEY banner is standing right on the top of header. They tame you. 
    Bots cant like your videos, its YOUR JOB to make that possible. Twitter, Facebook, MSN all kind of these siiits can boost your likes on videos.

    Pros: You may become like one of those trends on YouTube like: NigaHiga, Tay Zonday, Afro Ninja.. become a vloger on Vube. If you didnt succseded on YouTube here you might be.
    Cons: You have to do alot. Must involve your friends or something like that, who will like your videos, then they will spread across social networks.

    Did helped someone to become famous?

    Actualy yes. There is a street working group from Serbia called SBARTANS that was on every POP UP ads on almost every site i entered. Starts like " SPARTANS, Prepare for Glory" and then I, oh damn, here we go again. They have amasing 10.000.000 views on that video, and they were guests on Serbian Galileo show ( Galileo is actualy a German show ), on " PRVA " Tv. I was stunned!

    Also can read:

    Can vlogers survive on Vube?

    Goto: Vube