Monday, 10 June 2013

Flat as plank? What can be done?

Man loves big things. He is not interested into some little things hanging in your neck,  nor rings, nor hairpin. They love big things. Thats why those thing he is interested in be enlarged five times that they actualy are. Thats where we have huge cars, plasma screen in living room, iPad... Thats the same with boobs. Boobs are things that makes man happy since when he is born. Its the first thing he will put into mouth, that urge will follow till he dies ( or becomes gay ). Since man loves big things... and boobs... we are comming to conclusion that MAN LOVES HUGE BREASTS.

nice personality there..

Poor flat girls are asking a question " why dont we have those ? ". A Boobbly fairy just answers " I ren out of boob dust ". Then she leaves. Whole life spends in hope that they will eventualy grow up. As a 12yr old youre sayn " they will grow up in high school ". As 18yr " they will grow up in college ". 25yr. " will grow up when I get pregnant ". But they never grow up. Mother nature can be cruel sometimes. So, to defend their non-boobsilicys , they formed four kinds of thinking facts (that are so damn wrong).

1. Girls with big boobs are dumb -   Wrong. Intellect is not important here. Everyone loves to see a girl with a big boobs. She is aware of that, thats why she dont need to strain much so she can get what ever she wants.