Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How could this be usefull? Vine app

vine logo
Another useless project created by humans for "humans". It is a app for Android OS and it basicly creates videos of 6 second AND NOTHING MORE! Soooo damn creative * NOT
It can be shared within Twitter accout and not with Facebook. A great disapoitment isnt it?

Since it embeds with Twitter we all know what kind of people have and uses Twitter. yep they are teenagers that loves their friends and full of "nothingtosay" messages to share. hipsters wannabe.

Pros :  Express creativity

Cons : (reality) bunch of idiots making hugs. showing messages on paper near them . just taking the MBs on HD

Lets see some comments people posted about Vine:

Vine is only as stupid, pointless, and uncreative as the people you follow are. Maybe you should rethink your friends.

I haven't used Vine and don't plan to any time soon. However, I'll say this; you probably don't get it mostly because the users still don't get it. They're like "WTF do I do with this?". All new services are like that. Give is some time (some) people might start using it in an intresting way. You know, kinda like how Youtube in its early days was just a bunch of shitty home videos and now it's an indispensible part of our lives.
Not that I'm holding my breath regarding Viber.