Thursday, 6 June 2013

Useless blogs? Are they exist?

Well are they exist? Is it possible that someone is writting something so damn random.. useless.. and pointless.. And if that exist where are they?

They are hard to find becouse Google dont like them eather.. He spits on them and putting them in the quarantine preparing to burn them to the ground. Its hard to find them but they take like 90 from 100% mbs on servers. especialy on blogger.
Im sure that you already know how much i hate some peoples decisions and some actions they make, but someone to be that much stupid and idiot and worthless piece of junk.. Ohhh.. wait to calm down. On this famous i`ve seen (just screwing with next blog button ) over a hundred that kind of blogs.

Greatest mistake is clicking on next blog button

How to make that unuseful blog that no one will find interesting to read?

what it realy is
  1. You can bang your head on your keyboard 1500 times to make a good lines on your blog.
  2. You can write about your family ( your personal life, your children... )
  3. (this one is relevent to the one above) Post pictures that incudes your pet, your self even you are ugly as fak!
  4. Dont have a Niche articles.. just write what ever you saw today.. example. Dogs chasing their tail, cats licking their buts, bus stoped 2 times on one semaphore... etx...
  5. And most important. Dont be original. Just be like everyone else that is trying to copy someone just to earn some money. 
  6. Make website theme look like vomit, use flash, gif animations and ignore any color exept baby blue, pink, black.
 This are dangerous times DONT POST YOUR PRIVATE STUFF ONLINE YOU DUMB FAKS! You are becoming very easy target! And if you want that so much then use some metaphore to cover your persona or personas of your friends and family.
Ok I understand that you are a parent and you are the happiest guy in the world but did you know that you are now focusing on your children and paretal DNA is lowering you IQ by 100 points. Now you are dumb as fak.. go feed your children.. and die. But DONT POST DUMB BLOG POSTS ONLINE!!!