Sunday, 9 June 2013

Some reasons why Im embittered

Getting up in the morning. Rain in June. Desperately. You are reading the text of your lover girl: " Honey, I do understand that you dont have money for my Dolche Gabanna shoes, that you have to feed all that people in your house, and thats totaly fine. But sweety, ..* da se zavrsi. bye". Damn. You are going to work when you hear that your salary is late again so you cant payback to Ritchy Bannana, and your ticket Liverpool - Chelsea is not getting well. Bummer twice.

Why is this happening only to me? Bitterness is a holy emotion. If you dont feel it at least once a day, you are a freak!

Level I – home frustrations

1. Becouse I have cousin four years younger then me who fuked before me.

2. Your woman wont cook and wash and when you have to cary a 300ibs dishwasher to the other room or house she sais " Do it. You are a man here. Its your job. "

3. Becouse I found out that my girl is showing her boobyes to ChatRullete.

4. Becouse my mom doesnt let me to go to work if i dont clean my plate.

5. Im lying my mother that I use drugs, not to think that Im just ugly.

6. I live with 5 persons and no one is fuckable.

7. Couse I inherited hair from dad, patience from my mom, and teeth from my granddad.

8. Couse my dad has Viber on phone and me polyphonic melody.

500k USD per match.. must be fun to watch

Level II – broken dreams 

1. I work in bank. Counter

2. No one undersands my love in cello.

3. On Internet im God, irl im skank.

4. I was gifted football player, but drinks, clubs, womans  took my brain away. Now im watching this Abubakar guy and sayn " you are better then this black dude "

5. Last 10 statuses on Facebook, no likes. Im in worst series then Jason Kid on basketball.

6. Couse my IPad doesnt fit in my jean pockets.

7. Im drinking since my 13th still dont know how to open a bottle with a ligther.

Level III – womans

1. Couse my girlfriend has a boyfriend.

2. My gf is older then my car. Im driving opel kadet.

3. Im not attractive to younger girls couse im ugly.. and to older ones couse Im poor.

4. " You are my second one " - story of my life.

5. I was jerking off to that australian model.. then i found out that she is Andrej Pejić.

6. When girls are inviting me on coffie.. we have coffie.

7. I entered in friendzone with the ugliest girl in town.