Wednesday, 21 August 2013

600 reasons why Polaks Sucks in League of Legends

Ive played like 10 games in a raw in ranked.. and since I commited four horrible sins in my life.. God wanted to punish me soo hard.. that he put like 10of 10 games. a one or two Polaks in my team. The worst of all.. most of them were in my same line.

That riot. Sometimes i hate them so much
"How many polaks do take to ruin the whole game in LoL?
One. And he is afk."

"Why do polaks buying only health potions at the beggining of the match?
They dont have money for something more. They are poor."

"Please dont be a polak." - anonymus

When playing solotop.. what hero does polak chose to play with?
The only one who looks like him. A Wukong.

IMPORTANT!  How to recognize if there is polak in your team?
You see alot of stupid names in the game. Players using names with ages like:

Josh2445. IdiotmanYe. Simba1995. TarzanMakingOutWithPanda. and so on. On the other thought these can some creative names. When you get them in the team you are safe. BUT...  when you get names that contains letters: W Z Y.. you are fcked. So hard.

Wzneckkyyy.. znwgakkawazy.. wizzsfnjetzky...

Sometimes they add just PL in the back of the names. idiotmanPL. loserPL. dicksuckerPL. suckingcumfor30bucksPL.

typical polak logic

Do polaks speak other language then polish?
No. Why? Becouse they suck so hard that they have to go afk to ruin the game.

Do polak alarm ss?
No. He doesnt know how to type ss on stupid polish language.

When polak jungler is actualy making gank?
Never. He dies in the fights against wolfs.

Polaks in their chat form:

just alarm at the begining 



Final coments:

Damn you Hitler. You`ve had only one job. Look what have you done.

You could end this easy. Biochemical weapon on their main cities.. and gg. You could fix this faktards on lol, we could play it like a PRO.

Interaction time! Question for this topic is... When can polak win the game? Leave response in the comments. Stay safe and leave when you see polak in matching query.