Saturday, 13 July 2013

Can Vlogers survive on

This website is not created for vlogers, anyone can tell that. All that template, streached video screen when video is playing, all that suggests that this is place for a one video contest.

But, since their website is making progress in evolution, it will become what people need. 

a) It addapts to any peoples desires, and passions.
people may suggest to their admins to open something new, like some special options on the chanell. power of many, change everything

b) Will make place for everyone to express them selfs
they sure will make profit this or that way, so in order to stay popular and visited, they will shape it for the needs of people

How do I know I will succssed on Vube?

So if they you have passion for Vloging you go ahead and start doing it.

1) If you didnt succsseded on YouTube, you might here.
its like youtube reseted, and you have motivation for your creativity. Realy, you can become a mascot for this new space for videos.

2) If you had something, some videos on youtube you can again upload here, and also you can aloso make redirection links on YouTube. Will increse your visiting on both of your accounts. Will increese chanse to become famous Video Bloger.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Thinking about: Serbian X-factor show

First at all, let's see what is X-Factor

Are we looking for talents?

Ok, as far as I know about that show is that that isn't competition for best singer, but for most charismatic person. They need a mascot, someone who's gonna be liked by masses, someone who will lead a sect to tell other people what to like, what to wear, how to look like...
Let's see some examples, creations from British X-Factor:
Belibers from Justin. Most people look like him, dresses even speaks like him.
One Direction, same thing. Directioners, since they are same as Justin, makes sence to product more thislike assdumbs. Even more profit for corporations.

Benefits / potential for winning?
sect at its finest

Sad past is good.
1) no one loved you
2) played 4 chords on the streets, to earn some money to feed your mother, because your father is dead or something... Who cares.
3) oh ye, believe in God, Jesus is your saviour. You would like to funk with him how much you love him. Why is this nessesary? Because most of people are dumb patriots, target any God who is worshiped by that idiotic mass. (case in Serbia is orthodox)
4) you don't need to sing well, autotune will fix that.
5) now Im full of JOY JOY JOY

X-Factor is reaching for who?

The most vulnerable demographic structure. The girls (0-16). Why? they need to be trendy in order to be
acceptable in their society. They will shop anything just to be IN. They don't need to be spoiled to do that, even with a girl who has parents with average-salary income will do the same. They will buy her what her wants because they don't want to her daughter to be an outcast.It'ss the same thing with a boys. For them they just want to be acceptablei n the eyes of society. Kids know dikk.

One Direction on Serbian X Factor!?

You need to see what your model looks like, You need to become like one of them, probably sing some songs with them and record songs... with them. Oh my god, you will become a STAR. That is good news dont you think?

Why "World trend" but not "National one"? 

Becouse Great Britany/USA music, actualy trend is coming here in Serbia. Why?

We are people who doesn't have nacional ID, Turks did a great job, a great part in all of these, culture aspects and actualy curpsare still looking for indetity, in these case we are looking and using any types of cultural we are degustating we want everything becouse we have nothing.
Serrbia actualy doesn't alow to there autors (Serbian autors) to be seen, heard on TV - radio. There are a stations that alows for those performers-singers to be heard, but accompanied very low by other media stations.
Basicly these TV programs are 10% boatcasting these "good quality" music, opposite to 90% quantity music programs. Anything is good in there. Right? If on our National or Regional TV stations will realisse at least 70%   from termins provided for music, to be our performers thet would be "a trend" or some kind of enlightment... Who knows?!
But thet would be just a try, maybe a fail, not garanteed profit, they don't want thet. THEY NEED MONEY. So they are rely on garanteed money making buisness. American profitable way. 
Competitors knows thet they have strategy, they will follow the rules, they will become a star.
Congratulations, you have become an idiot.

Finaly,X-Factor In Serbia 
Ill make profiles of judges so you can see the point.


Real name: Severina Vučković

Profession: Croatian pornn star, milf
Hi, my name is Severina and im gona be a judge in Serbian x factor
Interests: singing
Structure of songs: clubs,I'm wet, let's make love. Often uses easy-to-remember phrases like: Alert, with techno-style.
Who listens her: girls on puberty period, retarded males.

Commentar: She will be judge for this? Yo Milf, PORNSTAR isnt spelled X FACTOR.

to be continued