Saturday, 13 July 2013

Can Vlogers survive on

This website is not created for vlogers, anyone can tell that. All that template, streached video screen when video is playing, all that suggests that this is place for a one video contest.

But, since their website is making progress in evolution, it will become what people need. 

a) It addapts to any peoples desires, and passions.
people may suggest to their admins to open something new, like some special options on the chanell. power of many, change everything

b) Will make place for everyone to express them selfs
they sure will make profit this or that way, so in order to stay popular and visited, they will shape it for the needs of people

How do I know I will succssed on Vube?

So if they you have passion for Vloging you go ahead and start doing it.

1) If you didnt succsseded on YouTube, you might here.
its like youtube reseted, and you have motivation for your creativity. Realy, you can become a mascot for this new space for videos.

2) If you had something, some videos on youtube you can again upload here, and also you can aloso make redirection links on YouTube. Will increse your visiting on both of your accounts. Will increese chanse to become famous Video Bloger.