Sunday, 9 June 2013

Social stuff: First day in school?

So its your first day in school, high school, colage what ever... who cares. Basicly there are few tips presented by psychologists on how to get there and make it the most wonderful day in that week. Mehh.. Having sex can make your day wonderful. School day cant.. that much.
So lets get to the buisniss shall we?

Night before.. take a 1.good shower. Use products to cover your nasty smell. Wash your hair, ears, ass ( you can get raped, you dont know that.. ). Make that feel that you are beautiful outside and that way we are step closer to feel great inside.

zzz means sleep
Take a 2.good nap! Too good nap. You need REM sleep to feel rested and prepared for socialization. Your body will induce a good energy to the others and they will feel that. This is important condition for making a good impression to others ( will explain bit later ).
Ye.. if you are dreaming something nasty that night dont be discouraged. Your body is preparing you for possible failure that day.. simply it brings balans to your good/bad feelings that you will face that day. Also.. bad dreams can be caused by anxiety and stress that you have.

Morning and/or beforeschool activity

Its a new day. important one

Wake up. Grab a brush and put a little make up. Again, make your body and face clean.