Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How can this be usefull? Google Glass porn app

http://goo.gl/VF2Hm - visit to see what is this all about

WHY THE FAK does anyone want to watch a fkin porn in public?? I assume that you wear glasses outside and if you watch porn inside your room you will be watching on a FKIN PLASMA SCREEN! So. why this weird app comes so suddenly?

this symbolizes Porns on Glasses

Google specifically kicks out any "porn related" searches but there it comes. Just from nowhere it comes with special Glasses ! that costs somewhere about 1.5oo$ in USA.

soo damn claver
Ye right. Actualy this can be usefull. Have u ever watched that movie where some guy wears nothing but coat and
all of a sudden he reveals his little shame in front of you. But sometimes there is a problem. his penis is not phallus (erected penis) so. Google thinks about you sociopaths too.. he created this wonderfull app just and just for you  so no longer you can be

Alrigthy then.. lets damn see what are the pros and cons of this master app

Pros: You spend 1.5oo$ ( if you dont have glasses ) to buy them. You dont get lenses couse those are for wimps. You get boner anytime anywhere ( chick magnet ) golden for sociopaths.

Cons: Getting cold-blooded to kill someone for 1.5oo$