Monday, 17 June 2013

When is my topic gonna succeed on internet?

You created a blog topic and now you wonder when its gonna blast whole over the internet, people sharing, commenting, likes them and you create profit from ads. Well, it dont depends on you.

It must be a " natural selection " just like a human DNA.
It waits to blast. Your only concern is to make a clever topic, topic that will be needed in future. DNA is building over time so when someone gives a comment about your topic and its intentioned you rewrite your post and build more informations in it. Just like DNA.

Lets start like this. Basicly it has no rules. It might depends on world trend (whats world currently about ) example.. faggy pop music.. WW3... maybe some creative ideas for many stuff in technology/devolopment, medical topics, and some useless shitt that no one will care about. Absolutly has no rules.

My story of getting +200 on one day

1. I created article for my class. Carl Marx - Communism stuff
2. It was short, succinctly, and had nice pictures.
3. I posted that blog-post on facebook group that is dedicated to sociology.
4. Lots of them checked that post and they liked it. So they spreaded the link to others who doesnt have a facebook account. It was real blast of views.
5. They returned next day.. and the next.. everyday to exem date. Even then.. the ones who didnt passed they keep comming to learn all over again until they learned it well.
6. I rewrited that post hmmm... 20 times in one week. From comments of my colleagues my blog post becomed enriched .  It spreaded so nice that im getting about 1800+ pageviews on that blog-post per day on that post. Its nice. 

TIP TIP: Try to be a first one to blogpost about something new that happened. 
TIP TIP: Write it to be a good quality. It may take a while, a day or a week. 

Some other ideas for world thrend events. 

I looked up what my sister is searching on internet. She is teenager and she follows that trends. So what did she searched? A makeup of Lana Del Ray.

Lana launched her new album and she is all-over the Internet, girls wants to look like her or to sing like her, what ever. So what you need to do?
Create a tutorial " How to sing like Lana Del Ray ", or " Makeup Lana Del Ray ". She is singer and fashion model, perfect for tutorials and blog-topic i told you.

New song from Iron maden? Be one of first ones that will critisize them... or better.. how to play *song name.

They launched new interesting website that everyones using? So make profit out of it. Make some tutorials or a good review. Post that blog-post on related blogs *in this case a technology blogs.. or forums.. whatever. You get the point.

Another usefull website that tells you whats IN sure is Google Trends. Check it out.

Write about whats currently about, critisize them, stipt on them, make your creative side of love or hate spreads on the post. Then you can share it.

Also can be passion post that can be launched into sky.

will continue.